Partnership Aims to Safeguard the Massage Profession from Human Trafficking

The brochure is available in English, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese

The issue of illegal brothels posing as legitimate massage parlors is tied to Polaris Project’s first moments as an organization. Our founders, Katherine Chon and Derek Ellerman, became passionate about the issue of human trafficking after learning about one of [...]

The Words They Left Behind

Sex trafficking thrives when landlords comply, turn a blind eye, or fail to monitor how their properties are being used. This was the central message behind the DC Stop Modern Day Slavery group’s online petition on that launched on Friday March 4, 2011. More than 300 community members have signed the [...]

A Call to Action: Human Trafficking Doesn’t Just Happen During Super Bowl Weekend

Organizations and community groups from across the country have traveled to Arlington, TX to participate in the anti-trafficking awareness events surrounding the Super Bowl. Throughout the week, events have been held to educate the community and to reach out to potential victims of human trafficking.

Because of the clandestine nature of this crime, we [...]

Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for all that our advocates have done this year to support Polaris Project. Many of you increased awareness about the issue of human trafficking, contacted your legislators to further an important policy initiative, signed a petition to increase resources for [...]