Tip Tuesday: Traveling Sales Crews

In recent weeks, neighborhood watch groups have warned community members to be vigilant for higher incidents of burglary and fraud that occasionally coincide with the seasonal influx of magazine solicitors operating without permits from out of state. But what these watch groups fail to address are the dangers posed not just to [...]

Please Help Bring Sex and Labor Trafficking to an End in Maryland!

After her mother called 911, a 19-year-old girl was rescued from a hotel room where she had been held captive by four men, and forced to sell her body for sex to men who’d seen an advertisement on backpage.com. This happened in Maryland, just last month. In this case, the trafficking ring [...]

Love is not Violence

February 14, 2002. Nine years ago, today, a single sheet of paper filed with the Rhode Island State House gave birth to Polaris Project – an idea that ordinary community members need to come together to fight slavery once again. While our work helps to bring freedom to anyone in [...]

Pennsylvania Lobby Day to End Human Trafficking

This week, we took a road trip to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for a lobby day to encourage activists to talk to their legislators about important pending legislation. A coalition of anti-trafficking groups based in Pennsylvania and nationally organized the lobby day and it was a great success! There were with more than 80 activists who [...]