A Tale of Two Women and Two Men

CHICAGO – This week I was in Chicago for the launch of the End Demand Initiative (EDI), a coalition effort Polaris Project is supporting. Led by the indefatigable and innovative Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE), this initiative stands to test in Illinois a model which could be a vanguard effort for [...]

Designing an Anti-Trafficking Response with Inclusivity for All Victims

The crime of human trafficking happens to people from all walks of life here in the United States. We see past federal cases as concrete evidence. Human trafficking happens to men and to women, to boys and to girls. It happens to US citizens who were born and grew up [...]

Last words on Japan

Jean M. Geran, Ph.D., is Senior Fellow at the Legatum Institute in London and former Director for Democracy and Human Rights on the National Security Council.

WASHINGTON AND LONDON — We just finished a trip to four cities in Japan, laying the groundwork for increased dialogue between the US, UK, [...]

Finally Addressing Child Sexploitation in Japan

Manga (Japanese comics) at a bookstore

TOKYO — I cannot help but to ask one question when examining human trafficking in a country I deeply admire, Japan: What is it about some Japanese men and kids?