Bending the Arc Towards Justice

When we hear about a child being raped, it provokes horror, revulsion, and for those who have survived sexual abuse, the potential for crippling flashbacks.

Yet, when we hear that someone has paid to rape a child, this is a particular brand of gut-punch awful. With every new story I read about children being bought [...]

Profile on Sex Trafficking Victims and Obtaining Self-Sufficiency

Imagine a young girl who has run away from an abusive home and meets a man who promises to take care of her. He gives her food, shelter, and love. As this relationship develops, this man alters his role from caretaker and lover to pimp and controller. Suddenly, this young girl is transformed into a [...]

Vacating Convictions: Two Clients’ Experiences

On a daily basis, survivors of human trafficking face a multitude of barriers which can hinder recovery from the traumatic experience. The Client Services office in New Jersey is finding that past convictions on clients’ criminal records is one of the largest barriers. Some states, such as New York, have recognized this and passed legislation [...]

Is Your Student a Victim of Trafficking? (6 Signs for Educators)

Teachers are on the front lines of the fight against human trafficking because they are one of the most important influences in their students’ lives. You have the opportunity to inspire, empower, and ultimately, look out for your students’ best interest. You may know to look out for signs of bullying on the [...]