Celebrating Survivors’ Accomplishments Along the Road to Recovery

The Client Services Office in New Jersey witnesses survivor strength and resilience on such a large scale that it routinely leaves staff and volunteers amazed and inspired. In an effort to acknowledge survivors’ triumphs, the New Jersey office created a Survivor Wall of Achievement. The wall serves to empower and encourage survivors to continue pursuing [...]

Vacating Convictions: Two Clients’ Experiences

On a daily basis, survivors of human trafficking face a multitude of barriers which can hinder recovery from the traumatic experience. The Client Services office in New Jersey is finding that past convictions on clients’ criminal records is one of the largest barriers. Some states, such as New York, have recognized this and passed legislation [...]

Severe Shelter Beds Shortage for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Antonio* loved his parents. When they got sick, and he needed to provide medical care for them which they could not afford, the Colombian man decided to try and find work in the United States. Two recruiters for a tomato farm in Florida promised him good living conditions, enough money [...]

Greening the Map: Improving America’s Human Trafficking Laws

Every year since 2007 Polaris Project has rated state anti-trafficking laws, ranking them into one of four color tiers:

Tier 1 (7+ points): State has passed significant laws to combat human trafficking, and should continue to take steps to improve and implement its laws. Tier 2 (5-6): State has passed numerous laws [...]