Does calling my Senator matter?

Sometimes it’s hard to know the value of a single act. When we ask you to make a call, write your legislator, to write a letter or sign a petition, we want you to know: your voice matters.

Here is proof. Last month, we asked for your help getting the Trafficking Victims [...]

Independence Day: A reflection on the ongoing struggle to end modern-day slavery

Of all of the shared values that Americans hold so dearly, none is perhaps more central to our national identity than the importance we place on individual freedom and the dignity that this notion connotes to our fellow human beings. On July 4, 1776, the continental congress representing thirteen colonies announced the adoption of the [...]

A Permanent Evil

Human trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery, is one of the most wide-spread and egregious violations of human rights in our world today. Traffickers and pimps use tactics that are almost unthinkable to lure, control, and compel their victims into forced labor or commercial sex acts. These abusers use violence, threats, false promises, and the [...]

Witnessing advocacy: transforming ideas into laws

Truck stops and rest areas have become hotspots for human trafficking. Traffickers use freeways to transport victims from place to place. Stops along those routes often play host to sex trafficking, offering a steady stream of anonymous customers. From December of 2007 through August of 2011, the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) hotline received [...]