Does calling my Senator matter?

Sometimes it’s hard to know the value of a single act. When we ask you to make a call, write your legislator, to write a letter or sign a petition, we want you to know: your voice matters.

Here is proof. Last month, we asked for your help getting the Trafficking Victims [...]

Confidence, Independence, and Photography

In February we launched a photography class for survivors of human trafficking in New Jersey. This program has served as a form of art therapy and has helped our clients build a concrete skill that enables them to express their own voice and tell the stories they want to tell. Several clients generously allowed us [...]

Is Your Student a Victim of Trafficking? (6 Signs for Educators)

Teachers are on the front lines of the fight against human trafficking because they are one of the most important influences in their students’ lives. You have the opportunity to inspire, empower, and ultimately, look out for your students’ best interest. You may know to look out for signs of bullying on the [...]

Greening the Map: Improving America’s Human Trafficking Laws

Every year since 2007 Polaris Project has rated state anti-trafficking laws, ranking them into one of four color tiers:

Tier 1 (7+ points): State has passed significant laws to combat human trafficking, and should continue to take steps to improve and implement its laws. Tier 2 (5-6): State has passed numerous laws [...]