The Power of Survivor Voices on Human Trafficking Awareness Day

On a cold and rainy Friday, legislators, community organizations, government officials, social service agencies, and concerned citizens convened on the front steps of the State House in Trenton, N.J., on January 11th , National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Armed with hats, scarves and umbrellas, gatherers huddled together in a display of public solidarity to draw [...]

Bending the Arc Towards Justice

When we hear about a child being raped, it provokes horror, revulsion, and for those who have survived sexual abuse, the potential for crippling flashbacks.

Yet, when we hear that someone has paid to rape a child, this is a particular brand of gut-punch awful. With every new story I read about children being bought [...]

The NHTRC Turns 5! Celebrating Five Years of Connection and Support

Sarah Jakiel, Deputy Director: At 8:32am on Wednesday December 7th, 2007, Polaris Project answered the first phone call on the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline. The night before, I hadn’t slept terribly well – knowing that all of our preparation for that first call would be put to the test.

When the [...]

Celebrating Survivors’ Accomplishments Along the Road to Recovery

The Client Services Office in New Jersey witnesses survivor strength and resilience on such a large scale that it routinely leaves staff and volunteers amazed and inspired. In an effort to acknowledge survivors’ triumphs, the New Jersey office created a Survivor Wall of Achievement. The wall serves to empower and encourage survivors to continue pursuing [...]