Part 2: Why Debt is Not the Only Vulnerability for Sugar Babies

Vulnerability to any crime is subject to a variety of socioeconomic, cultural, and independent factors that place some individuals at higher risk of entering dangerous situations than others. Although financial insecurity is a huge vulnerability for many college students and recent grads, it is not necessarily the only factor in a persons decision to be [...]

Part 1: How Student Debt Can Lead to Survival Sex

Survival sex is a term commonly understood within the context of the runaway, homeless, youth (RHY) community whereby youth turn to prostitution as a means of survival – exchanging sexual services for basic necessities such as food and shelter. Today, educational debt is putting some young adults in the same dire situation.


Ashton Kutcher and The Village Voice


The Village Voice recently published an article on what it described as the exaggerated numbers used by the anti-trafficking movement to garner attention and federal funds. The article focused on Ashton Kutcher and his “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” campaign as one example.

Within hours, a tennis-like sparring match [...]

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