Virginia Releases Report on Human Trafficking Services Needs

When survivors of human trafficking are able to leave their trafficking situation, it is vital that they have access to services that will help them rebuild their lives. Legislation that supports victim assistance is an imperative step towards providing these services.

Holly Austin Smith, a survivor of child sex trafficking, described how these laws could [...]

Independence Day: A reflection on the ongoing struggle to end modern-day slavery

Of all of the shared values that Americans hold so dearly, none is perhaps more central to our national identity than the importance we place on individual freedom and the dignity that this notion connotes to our fellow human beings. On July 4, 1776, the continental congress representing thirteen colonies announced the adoption of the [...]

Tenacious Advocacy

Collaborative Effort Urges West Virginia to become the 49th State to Criminalize Human Trafficking

In the summer of 2011, Polaris Project’s Policy Team reflected on a year of great accomplishment after helping pass 17 new anti-human trafficking laws across the country, including criminalizing human trafficking offenses for the first time [...]

Answering the Call: State Legislators From Across the Country Participate in Historic National Call to End Human Trafficking

On November 15, Polaris Project hosted the first ever National State Legislators Conference Call on Human Trafficking. More than 40 legislators from 26 states joined a conference call and webinar put together by Polaris Project to collaborate, share ideas, and advocate for anti-trafficking legislation. Each state has taken its own approach to [...]