Dear Mr. President (3/4 Letters from Survivors of Human Trafficking for Inauguration Day)

estimado presidente de la nacion

Mr. Obama.

Le agradezco em nombre de todas las victimas que pasamos por el oscuro tunel de degradacion y maltrato a maestro cuerpo, Que usted como president se preocupe de Nuestro Bienestar.

Le Imploro Sr president nos de la oportunidad de podor demonstrarle a Nuestra Sociedad que, no somos gente Inutil y que necesitamos sentirnos, mujeres de progreso y lealtad a este pais.

Muchas Hemos venido sabiendo y todos los paises del Mundo lo dice, America es El Pais de las Oportunidades. Muchas gracias mis Hijos tambien se lo agradecen, Qeseo Sor Madre ejemplo para mis 4 hijos y de los demas Hijos de las Mujeres como Nosotros que pasamos trafico Humano.


Dear President of the nation Mr. Obama,

I thank you on behalf of all the victims that been through the dark tunnel of the degradation and mistreatment of our bodies, for you, as the President being concerned about our well-being.

I beg you Mr. President to give us an opportunity to show our society that we are not useless people and that we need to feel like women of progress and loyalty to this country.

A lot of us came here, knowing as all other countries say, that America is the country of opportunities. Thank you very much and my children also thank you. I wish to be an example for my children and to other women’s children like us that have been trafficked.


These letters were part of a series clients we serve wrote to the President after his speech at the Clinton Global Initiative. We’ve removed our clients’ names for their privacy and safety.

1 comment to Dear Mr. President (3/4 Letters from Survivors of Human Trafficking for Inauguration Day)

  • Mr. Bama Baby (NO disrespect intended),

    I am a survivor of many many things, but I am concerned beyond words! I live in Cliffside Park New Jersey, my son was also assaulted years ago in a town called Ringwood New Jersey. This is were corruption began. He does not remember, I guess his subconscious can’t handle it yet, maybe he will never be able to remember. I carried him into the bath and sat with him, he had blood dripping down his leg and his shorts to his ankles. MY step-brother and Step Family are responsible for what happened to me and to him! I moved to CALI changed my name and our identity and came here and there trying to destroy our lives! IF they discredit me they will keep getting away with there crime. THERE is a video that depicts what is currently happening in Cliffside Park NEW Jersey the title of the video is CALL ME FAMILY… there is a little girl that I love that I never met, its weird but I came home because I was told that her father and her brother were going to get in trouble for a crime that there not responsible for are there innocent, the men responsible are trying to find scapegoats! What type of Justice system do we have when an officer will look the other way for a sexual favor? I was robbed blind by my step family I have no furniture the police will not arrest them, why not snatch a kid! They have taught a little girl to take her clothes off a ten years old, this little girl now thinks this is normal. WHAT KIND of world are we living in, because I told the truth about what happened to me, there doing so much damage, there sick people and the police won’t stop them! I believe in you Bama Baby, we need more officers that don’t look the other way for sexual favors. We need more Government Official that don’t misuse there POWER to put money in there pockets!