Vacating Convictions: Two Clients’ Experiences

On a daily basis, survivors of human trafficking face a multitude of barriers which can hinder recovery from the traumatic experience. The Client Services office in New Jersey is finding that past convictions on clients’ criminal records is one of the largest barriers. Some states, such as New York, have recognized this and passed legislation [...]

A constant 24/7 resource: Working through Hurricane Sandy

Sometimes, there is only the smallest window of opportunity for a survivor of human trafficking to reach out to us at the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline (NHTRC). Perhaps, they find that one moment when a controller steps out of the house. Or maybe, a survivor emerges for just long enough for [...]

How can my daughter and I get involved?

Dear Libby,

You and your daughter can absolutely get involved in the movement to end human trafficking. It can be tough to talk about an issue as upsetting as human trafficking with a child. But we know that girls hold within them the power to change the world (as I was recently reminded of [...]