Celebrating our Champions for Change

Behind every great movement there are champions. Champions combat injustice with ideas, dedication, and passion. Although many of the individual sacrifices made by champions tend to drift below our radar, each of these sacrifices is paramount to the grand scheme of progress.

Last week, the Department of State released the 2012 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) [...]

Answering 19,427 Calls

Earlier this month, Polaris Project released an analysis of call data from the national human trafficking hotline with its 2011 Annual Report.

Here are a few stats:

19,427 = the number of calls answered 2,945 = the number of potential victims who were connected to services and support 64% = the percentage the call volume [...]

TIP Report highlights the names behind the numbers

On Tuesday, I watched Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Lou CdeBaca honor ten individuals from around the world for fighting human trafficking during the launch of the annual 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report. It was a powerful reminder for me of how many people have bravely committed themselves to the cause of bringing [...]

Riding with a Purpose: Texas to Alaska for victims of human trafficking

I remember when I first heard about human trafficking, I was in college and I had several different emotional responses. I was horrified, angry, upset, and most of all I felt the immediate need to do something about it. I eventually found my way to Polaris Project and threw myself full force into combating [...]