A Day in the Life of a Social Work Fellow in the Client Services Program

There are both struggles and rewards that come with working with survivors of human trafficking. One minute you’re leading clients through a group discussion about stress management; the next minute you are celebrating a client’s new job. In this work you experience the unseen hurdles facing survivors of sex and labor trafficking [...]

Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2012 – What will you do to make a difference?

Established through a Senate resolution three years ago, January 11 is dedicated to raising awareness of and opposition to human trafficking.

Raising awareness is a crucial first step, but alone it is not enough. Knowledge without action is information wasted. Outlined below you’ll find a variety of ways that you can immediately engage your friends [...]

#Humantrafficking Awareness Day 2012

January 11, 2012 marks National Human Trafficking Awareness Day and Polaris Project intends to commemorate this significant day by increasing our ongoing efforts to raise awareness about human trafficking and inspire people to action. However, it is important that our efforts to raise awareness for the issue extend further than just this one day.