Simple Acts of Kindness

There is a moment when you realize you have the capacity to make an impact on the world. When a cause, practice or single idea moves you so much that you couldn’t ignore it even if you tried. Some pursue fulfillment through exploration, swiftly moving through places and ideas. Others prefer to [...]

Groundbreaking Case Opens Doors for Victims

There are many challenges which victims of human trafficking face. Frequently, victims go unrecognized and the perpetrators of the crimes go unpunished. In a case last March, a pimp was convicted of sex trafficking and sent to prison for 7 years, the “john” or buyer walked away with just 2 misdemeanor charges resulting in probation. [...]

A Gender Sensitive Perspective on Human Trafficking

When it comes to the issue of human trafficking, there is a tendency to think of victims almost exclusively as women. My time at Polaris Project has made me acutely aware that human trafficking is not only a women’s issue. Victims can be men or women, adults or children, and foreign nationals or U.S. citizens. [...] Awards Multi-Year Grant to Joint Initiative Against Modern-Day Slavery

I am excited to share this major announcement with you. As you can see from the below press release, is providing a multi-year grant to Polaris Project, International Justice Mission, and Slavery Footprint to implement a unified initiative focused on eradicating modern-day slavery.

This is a significant endorsement of the impact [...]