Chalk it up!

The Summer 2011 Fellows decided to take to the streets to get the word out about modern slavery. Armed with a box of chalk and a bunch of facts, we chalked up a D.C. sidewalk, grabbing pedestrians’ attentions with our colorful mosaic of facts, statistics, and ways to help.

Interested in chalking it up in your community? All you need is some chalk and a stretch of sidewalk you’ve checked with the local police is okay to write on. You can find ideas of facts and statistics on our website. Once you start chalking, don’t be surprised if people want to learn more about the issue and hear ways they can get involved. And you don’t have to stick to just writing facts- you can decorate the street with drawings, blast music, hand out the national human trafficking hotline number, or anything else you can think of!

We’d love to see your efforts at Chalking It Up to stop slavery!



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