A Follow Up: Ads and PSAs in the Human Trafficking Abolition Community

In comparison to the Montana Meth Project ad campaign discussed here yesterday, anti-trafficking groups have tried similar ad campaigns before to raise public awareness, but never anything so graphic or compelling as the Montana Meth Project’s campaign, perhaps until now (see more below under Recent Developments). Past efforts have been sporadic and limited in reach. [...]

Graphic Meth Ads and their Similarities to Human Trafficking

The Montana Meth Project is a philanthropic organization working to prevent meth use in Montana by focusing on risks and consequences of methamphetamine. During its six years of operations, it has seen an inspiring decrease in meth use statewide. Public awareness has been catalyzed by the Meth Project’s intense advertising campaign, including short TV spots, [...]

Emergency Client Needs – We Need Your Help!

The survivors of human trafficking that we serve often leave their situations with very few possessions. To assist them in rebuilding their lives, Polaris Project provides our clients with basic necessities. I want to share the story of two of our clients that need your help now.

Meet Caley*. When she was [...]

Spotlight Japan: the 2011 TIP Report and Polaris Project Japan’s Work

Since the release of the 2011 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report three weeks ago, we’ve been busy processing the recommendations both here in the U.S. and in our Japan office. Polaris Project Japan, the biggest anti-trafficking non-profit in the country, has taken stock of the state of human trafficking in Japan, which [...]