Tip Tuesday: Strip Clubs

Strip clubs and hostess bars have been described in a variety of ways – some may describe them as ‘seedy’, while others think that they are ‘harmless’ – but they can also be described as locations where human trafficking often occurs. The clubs are the venues where victims are sometimes forced to [...]

Tip Tuesday: Agriculture and Human Trafficking

Slavery in agriculture has a long history in America. It was perceived as a vital component of the economy during colonial years and nearly caused the disintegration of the United States during the Civil War. The first abolitionists worked tirelessly to demonstrate that the economic sustainability of this young country was not [...]

Tip Tuesday: Traveling Sales Crews

In recent weeks, neighborhood watch groups have warned community members to be vigilant for higher incidents of burglary and fraud that occasionally coincide with the seasonal influx of magazine solicitors operating without permits from out of state. But what these watch groups fail to address are the dangers posed not just to [...]

Collaborative approach in Colorado leads to better “John School” bill

Charmed by Hollywood images of Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman,” a misconception of the life of young girls and women trapped in prostitution has spread through American consciousness. It is important to reveal to people what really happens to many of the girls and women. However, the enormity of the task means [...]