Americans Want Slave-Free Chocolate, Too

When I was in London last April, I walked into a local convenience store for a chocolate fix to help relieve some jet lag. I browsed through options for chocolate, looking for bars that I wouldn’t necessarily find back home in the United States. My scanning stopped when my eyes fixed on a Cadbury Dairy [...]

Part II – The Change Makers

Part I of this blog discussed two of the factors that played a significant role in the passing of anti-human trafficking legislation in the Commonwealth of Virginia: the Change makers and a bi-partisan coalition. In this entry, I will go on to discuss two equally important reasons for these monumental changes.


Part I – The Change Makers

Dire does not quite describe the situation we faced when we first began trying to pass anti-human trafficking legislation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. For years we worked to establish a strong legal framework for combating human trafficking. Sometimes we were successful, other times we weren’t. My predecessors successfully navigated difficult waters [...]

Deals for Deeds features Polaris Project

Exciting news! Polaris Project is currently featured on Deals for Deeds – a D.C. area group buying website that gives a portion of each sale to non-profits. We are the beneficiary on the site beginning today (Monday, April 4), through Sunday, April 10. Five percent of each purchase on the site will go towards [...]