Please Help Bring Sex and Labor Trafficking to an End in Maryland!

After her mother called 911, a 19-year-old girl was rescued from a hotel room where she had been held captive by four men, and forced to sell her body for sex to men who’d seen an advertisement on This happened in Maryland, just last month. In this case, the trafficking ring [...]

Polaris Japan Prevents Sexual Violence at Evacuation Centers

A few hours before the Polaris Japan Board Meeting on March 11, I received the following email from Shihoko, the Director of our Japan programs:

The biggest earthquake in Japanese history hit today. No one was in the office and I was able to manage to hold TVs and bookshelves. Things fell on floor. Transportation [...]

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With the launch of our improved website, Polaris Project now offers hundreds of new resources to strengthen the anti-trafficking movement and inspire action to combat the issue.


Why So Few State-Level Human Trafficking Prosecutions?

Winning the Battle, Not the War…Yet As more states have enacted state-level laws against human trafficking, advocates have celebrated these landmark victories. States now have additional tools to target criminals who exploit others by compelling them into commercial sex, labor, or services.