Love is not Violence

February 14, 2002. Nine years ago, today, a single sheet of paper filed with the Rhode Island State House gave birth to Polaris Project – an idea that ordinary community members need to come together to fight slavery once again. While our work helps to bring freedom to anyone in [...]

How can men oppose sex trafficking? It’s easy: respect women (part II)

Human trafficking is a horrific crime that takes a full person and degrades them into a thing to be sold. True assistance, the type I have seen Polaris Provide provide to our clients over the years, is the type that works to reverse the effects of this horrible experience by treating individuals with the utmost [...]

How can men oppose sex trafficking? It’s easy: respect women (part I)

As a man working in the anti-trafficking movement, I see fellow men playing three roles in the world of sex trafficking: men who are pimps, men who are johns (I am a speaker at our local “John School”), and men who are anti-trafficking activists. It is no wonder, that at a recent [...]

A Call to Action: Human Trafficking Doesn’t Just Happen During Super Bowl Weekend

Organizations and community groups from across the country have traveled to Arlington, TX to participate in the anti-trafficking awareness events surrounding the Super Bowl. Throughout the week, events have been held to educate the community and to reach out to potential victims of human trafficking.

Because of the clandestine nature of this crime, we [...]