Why Did Nancy Stay With Bill?

One of the most difficult questions for those in the human trafficking movement to grapple with is why more trafficking victims don’t leave their traffickers. That this same question plagues those who work with victims of domestic violence is a hint towards the answer.

Nancy is a thief by trade, often implied to be in [...]

How Did War Change Kim and Aida’s Lives?

Female slaves rated before donkeys and after male slaves in biblical importance; in the same way, they were of vital importance to war economies. In Aida‘s Egypt, slaves’s tasks included everything from washing their captors to building pyramids:

Slavery was an integral part of the ancient world. Though Roman slaves slowly accrued rights, and men [...]

Dear Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster

Last week craigslist shut down the Adult Services section in cities in the United States. However, the Erotic Services section is still up in the rest of the world. With more than 250 pages international pages generating nearly 25,000 ads a day, craigslist has neglected its responsibilities as a global company by [...]

Was Becoming a “Lovely Lady” Fantine’s Choice?

As is the constant refrain here on the North Star, human trafficking is where a person is forced, coerced, or tricked into labor or commercial sexual exploitation (or is a minor in commercial sex). Force, fraud and coercion don’t usually cover economic push factors.

Several of these push factors are shown here in the intro [...]