Summer Vacation & Truck Stops

As millions of American families hit the roads for summer vacation and take breaks at truck stops to refuel and grab snacks, they may unknowingly come across human trafficking. Commercial truck stops are locations where pimps compel women and girls to engage in prostitution. We are not talking about state owned or [...]

Immigration Considerations

On March 31, the United States Supreme Court issued a landmark decision in Padilla v. Kentucky, holding that attorneys who represent non-citizens on criminal charges have a constitutional obligation to advise their client of the immigration consequences of those charges.


Deliberating de Wallen: notes from the red light district

The red light district has become an iconic symbol of the commercialized sex industry. Pimps and human traffickers often use these districts to their advantage, looking to make a profit from the many johns/buyers who frequently visit in search of spending a few dollars on a child or woman. This happens everywhere. [...]