Seasonal Sentiments from Survivors

Two days before Christmas, I joined the weekly support group at our Washington, DC Client Services Office. As survivors of domestic servitude and sex trafficking, a number of the participants are beneficiaries of transitional housing that Polaris Project provides.


The Best List for Holiday Season Gifts

The holiday gift season is upon us again. The propensity of businesses to launch it earlier and earlier is heightened this year by nerves about tough economic times. In the holiday season, it is said that to give is better than to receive. An important way to give to the neediest is [...]

Congress Approves Funding Assistance for Survivors of Human Trafficking

This Sunday we got great news that was long in coming! The Senate passed an omnibus spending bill, approved days earlier by the House of Representatives, increasing by 25 percent the Department of Justice’s funding to assist survivors of human trafficking!


Private Sector Leverages Comparative Advantage to Fight Slavery

This week I authored a blog “Private Sector Leverages Comparative Advantage to Fight Slavery” for the Hudson Institute. Please see below for an excerpt: