Tokyo Vice

I’d like to direct your attention to some recent media activity about Japan and an American journalist living there named Jake Adelstein. Jake’s new book, entitled Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan, is a memoir of his experiences investigating the Yakuza, one of the largest crime syndicates [...]

Blues: The Anti-Human Trafficking Movement’s Proper Anthem

A year ago this month the movie “Cadillac Records” was released, recounting how Chess Records in Chicago popularized the blues of musicians – notably Muddy Waters – plucked from post-slavery sharecropping. Recently, I was amused as a I sat with Chicago’s leading anti-human trafficking activist Samir Goswami listening to Muddy Water’s son [...]

Arrivederci Silvio and Hello to the Move Against Demand

Created by law in 2000, the T-visa for trafficking victims is a wonderful sign of America’s heart – a status to allow an undocumented person who is in fact a human trafficking victim to stay in America and get richly deserved help. To its credit, Italy had a similar policy even before [...]

Any Given Sunday

Fifteen minutes of sexual intercourse for $30 dollars cash.

That’s the going rate for men seeking to buy commercial sex from one of the major sex trafficking networks that spans throughout the United States. Women held in these brothels are bought by a different man every 15 minutes. Four different men per [...]