Pimp My Pumpkin

As I waited in line to make a purchase at Barnes & Noble today, I started scanning over the items in the “Gift Ideas” display. Right next to a Harry Potter wizard kit and a Hello Kitty jewelry kit, I saw “Pimp My Pumpkin” emblazoned on a small shiny box.


The Grand Prix of Johns and Impounding Their Cars

Every night in downtown Washington, DC, there’s a specific 10-block area that transforms from a typical retail and business district from upscale clubs, office buildings, hotels, and restaurants to an open-air market where the sex trafficking of women and girls occurs


Touchstones for An Abolition Grand Strategy

There is often discussion around key touchstones of the anti-trafficking field. But what exactly are these touchstones?


The elephant in the room: Slavery exists around the world, how to recognize and defeat it

Our world struggles with modern-day slavery and most of us do not know about it. The struggle lurks in the dark and does not make for polite dinner conversations. We want to think that we live in an idealized world that is free from pain and based upon justice. However, the existence [...]