The Convenor-in-Chief At Work

Each year, former President Clinton convenes a meeting of businesses, philanthropies, celebrities, and non-profits to promote ”good works” in the world. Called the Clinton Global Initiative, it has to date been largely focused on the important cause of fighting the ravages of HIV/AIDS internationally.


In Memoriam

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has been a friend to me, long before I arrived to Polaris Project. My heart reaches out to her, a titan of the anti-human trafficking cause, as she mourns the passing of her husband.


A Tale of Two Women and Two Men

CHICAGO – This week I was in Chicago for the launch of the End Demand Initiative (EDI), a coalition effort Polaris Project is supporting. Led by the indefatigable and innovative Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE), this initiative stands to test in Illinois a model which could be a vanguard effort for [...]

One Of The Terrible Two

Two popular strip clubs in Providence, RI

I went up to Rhode Island a few days ago to visit some family friends. Having heard a great deal in debates in the human trafficking field on the local sex industry in Rhode Island, and taken part in them, I [...]