Corporate partners against slavery

The anti-human trafficking movement has been calling attention to how businesses can stop being enablers of the slavery of our time. Polaris Project has shown recently this is not just true for labor trafficking and supply chains, but in the sex trade. We’ve challenged craigslist to eliminate the Erotic Services section with ads of [...]

Where diplomatic immunity becomes impunity

In a few days, a group of non-government organizations will be meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about a serious human trafficking matter: the veritable enslavement of some domestic servants by diplomats. On our soil.


North Koreans – victimized over and over

Political prisoner in North Korea

The world rightly is concerned about how the North Korean regime continues to threaten its neighbors with its nuclear capability and, more recently, missiles to deliver them. However, it is no less urgent to consider how that same regime threatens the security of its own people. It is all [...]